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Who We Serve

Every financial situation brings opportunities and its own set of challenges.

We’re here to help you navigate those challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. We partner with a diverse group of individuals, families & organizations to dramatically improve their financial outcomes and assist them in achieving their goals.

Our Clients Include:

Families & Individuals Nearing Retirement

As you get closer to post-work days, you likely have a certain vision of what you want your retirement to look like. Maybe it entails spending more time with your family, traveling to new places or enjoying quiet time at the lakehouse. Together, we’ll figure out a highly specific strategy to align your wealth with your desired lifestyle.

Current and Former Athletes & Coaches

Athletic professionals face a range of challenges throughout their careers and beyond. From needing to quickly adjust to a new part of the country or take extra steps to protect their wealth, your needs are dynamic. Our team holds the necessary criteria and capabilities to help you manage your wealth. By enabling us to play as your quarterback, your focus can be on winning games, developing programs or devoting your free time to do what you enjoy.


From refining your craft to performing in various locations, those in the entertainment industry confront busy schedules and financial complexities. We are committed to working with you, your accountant, agents and other trusted professionals to secure your wealth and help you experience financial success both now and in the future.

Business Owners, Trusts & Charitable Foundations

Whether you’re looking to develop a benefits plan or simply integrate your personal finances with that of your business or organization, we’re here to help you. From mitigating taxes to passing on your company to family members, our team will work with you to achieve your goals.

Dave Ramsey Followers

Do you believe in taking small steps when it comes to financial planning? Our team includes a Dave Ramsey Smartvestor Pro, providing wealth guidance driven by the philosophies of saving, investing and building net worth over time. Ask us about these offerings.

Our Clients Appreciate That We Provide:

  • Holistic wealth advice
  • A long-term partner
  • Fiduciary, objective assistance
  • Highly personalized, goal-focused strategies
  • Attentive communication
Our clients appreciate what we provide New Braunfels, TX Innovative Retirement, LLC
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